Who We Are

Our team at Batex Media are qualified, due diligent, trustworthy, and efficient. Our agency from top to bottom has a strong understanding of how forms of cable commercials and billboards were the way to go a couple decades ago, but in order to get top value and the most efficient marketing, businesses must turn to digital marketing. This is easy enough to say, but rather difficult to formulate a plan and execute it to perfection. This is where our team comes in! It came to our attention that many businesses cannot afford to spend their precious time educating themselves on digital marketing, which is why Batex Media covers every step of the way! Due to the fact we cover many areas, this means we need several departments in order to run as well as we do. Batex Media has 5 well-running departments to help you with your digital marketing. 

Social Media: For starters, our Social Media Team are all well-experienced professionals who understand communication within the social media universe is not easy, but is impossible to ignore. Getting behind in Social Media Marketing (SMM) is simply not an option in today's business world if you plan to maintain a successful brand. Each team member(s) specialize in specific platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more. 

Advanced Search Engine Optimization: In our team's eyes, an effective SEO strategy is second only to Social Media in terms of impact to your business. With billions of results in seconds with search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it is imperative that the end consumers view your brand at the top of the lists. Our Advanced SEO group has a strong understanding about the correlation to quality, high-visited content and optimizing your brand on various search engines. Researching the top keywords/long-tail keywords in your business' respective field and then integrating it on your website with articles, descriptions, and blogs is how this group positively impacts your brand. 

Campaign Management: Our Campaign Management group is a very useful add-on to our already substantial Social Media Management team. Although many business' decide to choose the inexpensive option where our team simply manages several platforms without paid-advertising, just as many opt-in for various paid campaign advertisements. A vast amount of research is behind this in order to ensure we maximize the dollars at hand in order to reach out as many people as possible, while also targeting your 'perfect customer'. 

Content Creation: What we refer to the 'glue' that keeps us together, absolutely none of this is possible without our content creation team. This amazing group of individuals all specialize in one particular aspect of creating content, whether it may be visual, audio, story posts, videos, the end result always remains the same: Impactful. Quality content is the make or break when it comes to digital marketing, and Batex Media prides ourselves on this area.